CNC machine tool probe/electric probe/manual probe/edge finder/Ep60

Composition of Probe:EP60 electric probe consists of three pieces:1)The main part of EP60 electric probe (including battery cabin ) ;2)The 7:24 taper shank with standard of BT or ISO(the specification is optional );3)Stylus(standard model: M4-S60-SB6-S58.5).Technical Parameters:Stylus sensing direction: ±X, ±Y, +Z;

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Composition of Probe:
EP60 electric probe consists of three pieces:
1)The main part of EP60 electric probe (including battery cabin ) ;
2)The 7:24 taper shank with standard of BT or ISO(the specification is optional );
3)Stylus(standard model: M4-S60-SB6-S58.5).

Probe/Electric Touch Probe for CNC Machine Tool / Manual Probe / Edge Finder/Ep60

Technical Parameters:
Stylus sensing direction: ±X, ±Y, +Z;
Stylus sensing over-travel: X-Y±15°, Z +5 mm;
The trigger force in Z direction: 1000 g;
Trigger force in X-Y surface( standard stylus ) : 65-130g;
Unidirectional repeatability(2σ): ≤ 2 μm;
Input voltage is 24±10% V DC and output load current is 50 mA.
Seal grade: IP68.

Technical Characteristics:
Coaxial adjustment function of probe and shank: By adjusting the connecting link between the main body of the probe and the taper shank, coaxiality about the center of the measuring ball on the stylus and the center line of the taper shank can be adjusted (the factory precision: ≤ 5 μm);
Six LED indicator lights are used to show the trigger state of the probe.

Basic configuration:
The standard: M4-S60-SB6-S58.5;
Usually, the probe shank is 7:24 taper shank with the BT or ISO standards(the specification is optional );
A battery, model: CR2, 3.0V, 800 mAh.

Setting work-piece coordinate system and machining zero points manually before processing;
Detect and control the key dimensions, position coordinates and their precision manually between two processes;
Detect precision of the key dimensions, shapes, position after processing.

Applicable equipment and working condition:
Suitable for various specifications of machine centers, CNC boring and milling machines, and drilling-tapping machine centers, etc;
Suitable for checking work pieces of all kinds of solid materials with electrical conductivity.

Note:Verify whether the spindle of the CNC machine tool uses ceramic bearings. If ceramic bearings are used, please choose TP60 trigger probe

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