Whilte Color Sun 806h Ultrasound Machine with 2 Probes

Product DescriptionWhilte color sun 806H ultrasound machine with 2 probesQuick DetailsSUN-806H laptop ultrasound machine1.Economic 2.Full digital notebook 3.12"1 LED monitor 4.Grey scale: 256 levels5.Large capacity battery6.general, OB/GYN, cardiology, urinary, small organs, and so on1.OverviewThis Ultrasonic

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Product Description

Whilte color sun 806H ultrasound machine with 2 probes

Whilte Color Sun 806h Ultrasound Machine with 2 Probes

Quick Details

SUN-806H laptop ultrasound machine
2.Full digital notebook 
3.12"1 LED monitor 

4.Grey scale: 256 levels

5.Large capacity battery
6.general, OB/GYN, cardiology, urinary, small organs, and so on


This Ultrasonic diagnostic instrument (here in after referred as instrument) using 3.5 MHz electronic convex array probe,
adopts full digital beam former(DBF); real-time dynamic aperture imaging (RDA); full digital dynamic receive focusing (DRF); frequency conversion; 8 segments TGC; dynamic digital filtering; dynamic digital filtering; image enhancement; line correlation,
frame correlation, point correlation, linear interpolation and many other image processing technology, etc.; 

Display modes as B, B/B, 4B, B+M and M, image multiplying factors of ×0.8, ×1.0, ×1.2, × 1.5,×1 .8, ×2.0 under the B mode; 

With 128 a large memory and offers permanent storage, cine loop in real time; 256 images available after diagnosis of real-time playback or by image viewer, 

Has measurements of distance, area, circumference, heart rate, gestational weeks(BPD,GS,CRL,FL,HC,OFD,TTD,AC 8 measurement kinds) and so on; 

Chinese and English transformation; 16 kinds of pseudo color processing; real-time clock; serial number of medical record; many note functions as full-screen character noting; 

Adopts large scale integrated circuit FPGA, MSF, mass memory, surface mounting technology and so on.

2. Function:

Probe configuration: T35R60GB convex array probe (standard); 

Display modes:
T35R60GB convex array probe: B, B/B, 4B, B+M, M;
T50R20GB type micro convex probe: B, B/B, B+M, M;
T65R13GB type cavity probe: only B; 
T75L40GB type linear array probe: only B;

Image multiplying factor:
35R60GB convex array probe, Type B, real-time state:×0.8, ×1.0, ×1.2, × 1.5,×1 .8, ×2.0; 
×0.8, ×2.0 (display penetration depth);
T65R13GB type cavity probe: ×0.8, ×1.0, ×1.2, ×1.5.

M type: 
M type scanning has eight kinds of speed can be selected;
M mode or B+M mode :When the heart rate of more than 100, measurement error will increase
Zoom: Local x 2.0 magnification rate
Dynamic range: 0~120dB adjustable.

T35R60GBconvex array probe real-time 
scan:2.5MHz/3.0MHz/3.5MHz/4.0MHz/5.0MHz five periods of frequency conversion; 
T65R13GB type cavity probe/ T75L40GB type linear array probe real-time scan: 
5.5 MHz/6.0 MHz/6.5 MHz/7.0 MHz/7.5MHz five periods of frequency conversion.

Focus position: 

Send: 1, 2, 3 and 4-segments dynamic electron focusing; when 1,2-segments focus, 
the focus can be moved.

Receive: receive real-time dynamic focus by focus

Measuring function: Distance, circumference/area (method of ellipse, method of loci), volume, heart rate,
gestational weeks (BPD, GS, CRL, FL, HC,TTD,OFD,AC), expected date of confinement and fetus weight, etc.

Annotation function: hospital name, patient's name, age and gender;

64 body marks (with probe's position); Full-screen character annotation; Real-time clock display;

Puncture guide: 3.5MHz convex array probe can display puncture guide line in B mode.

Gain control: 8 segments TGC and overall gain can be adjusted respectively.

Image polarity: left and right flip, black and white flip, up and down flip.

Permanent storage: >=128 images.

Image playback: series playback or check one by one.

Image processing: γ correction, frame correlation, point correlation, line correlation,
digital filtering, digital edge enhancement and pseudo color processing, etc.

Output interface: SVGA video output offers connection to SVGA color display; workstation, etc.
PAL video output offers connection to PAL display, video image recorder and image

USB interface: Only for U disk storage image, image format is BMP.3.Configuration

Standard configuration: 1 host; 1 T35R60GB convex array probe; 1 power adapter;1 power line.

Optional configuration: T65R13GB type cavity probe; T75L40GB type linear array probe;

Image workstation, computer pack, etc.

4. Others

Running hours: ≥8h.
The battery pack continuous working time: ≥2h.
Input power: ≤110VA.
Host weight: about 2.5 kg.
Host appearance size: 309 ×312 × 68 (length × width × height) (mm3).

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Whilte Color Sun 806h Ultrasound Machine with 2 Probes

Whilte Color Sun 806h Ultrasound Machine with 2 Probes

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Whilte Color Sun 806h Ultrasound Machine with 2 Probes
Whilte Color Sun 806h Ultrasound Machine with 2 Probes

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Whilte Color Sun 806h Ultrasound Machine with 2 Probes

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2. Port: Shenzhen China, Shanghai China 

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Whilte Color Sun 806h Ultrasound Machine with 2 Probes

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1. Package: double carton boxes     

2. Port: Shenzhen China, Shanghai China 

3. Delivery time: 3-5 working days after receipt of payment

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Whilte Color Sun 806h Ultrasound Machine with 2 Probes
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